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The first King Acre Landscaping Centre was established in 1999 as the innovative idea of Bowland Stone’s then managing director, Paul Elston. Paul had the vision to start a franchised/managed business in landscaping centres, utilising redundant outdoor areas at well-established garden centres and providing a ‘ready-made’ business to willing franchisee’s. Hard landscaping is often an area that garden centres shy away from, as it is deemed a difficult product to handle and sell and requires staff specifically trained in this area. So the introduction of a King Acre franchise had the welcome benefit of attracting new customers through the addition of high quality landscaping supplies supported by clear point of sale material, product specific marketing campaigns and most essentially dedicated, knowledgeable staff.

King Acre Landscaping Centres have the full backing and support of Bowland Stone, one of the UK’s market leaders in hard landscaping products, and successfully sell Bowland Stone paving and aggregates along with other essential landscaping & building products to trade and retail alike.

King Acre Codicote was set up in 2003 within the grounds of Wyevale Garden Centre and is now well established amongst landscapers and local residents with Phipps Stone Centre (an all-round builders merchant trading since the 1950’s) joining the King Acre brand under the guidance of Bowland Stone in 2008 and continues to supply successful local businesses today.

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