Chairman’s Page

Hi, I am Martin Parker and I have recently become Chairman of Liverpool and South West Lancs DA. I’m a bit of a newbie in that I have not had the generations of history and involvement in the DA that many of my illustrious predecessors have enjoyed.
Nevertheless I have been camping since I was a small boy, from years heading off at weekends with a tent packed on top of a rucksack (usually on a Crosville bus), to camping all over the UK and Europe. We have had motorhomes for a dozen years now and that led us, happily, into DA camping. DA camping gives the freedom to camp in many otherwise inaccessible places, often not far from home, without having to book months in advance – and importantly- at a reasonable cost.

I am a keen walker, hopefully to a nearby pub with cask ales, and love the outdoors both here and abroad. In the last few years we have averaged about 130-140 nights camping each year so don’t expect to contact me at home. Please say “Hello” if you see me at one of our meets or Temporary Holiday Sites. I have also been organising meets for LSWLDA for the last few years as Sites Secretary and trying to create meets and visit places that are attractive and interesting to members – so I always welcome new ideas.
Of course we always welcome offers to help as well – never forget your stewards, committee and volunteers are there for their “leisure time” too!

I am also a Councillor for the Club’s North West Region. The NWR council, amongst many other things, organise a Regional meet each year in May. Come along and see me at the Bar (I’ll be working I’m afraid!!). I am a great believer in our ethos as “The Friendly Club” and welcome all members to come and camp with our proud “Liverpool and South West Lancs DA”.

Martin Parker
LSWLDA Chairman