Minutes of the Little Cressingham & Threxton Parish Council

Annual Parish Meeting, held at Little Cressingham Church on 28th April 2016

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Present: Mr Tony Abel – Chairman (TA)
  Mr John Davies (JD)
  Mr Tim Leonard (TL)
  Mr Alan Hankin (AH)
  Mr Ashton Austin (AA)
  Mr Chris Hurdle – stand in for Clerk
Apologies: Mrs Shirley Hurdle – Clerk (SH)

Breckland Council representative – Cllr Frank Sharpe (FS)

Public Present: Mr David Brown, Mrs Beverly Sennett, Mrs Pauline Ford, Mr Keith Ford, Mr Trevor Scott, Mr Sam Scott.


1 Apologies for Absence

Mrs S Hurdle

  PART A – Annual General Meeting  
2 Chairman’s Report for 2015-16 Mr Tony Abel

The detail of what has happened throughout the year is well documented and available on the Parish Council Website.

In summary:

1.     We have continued to challenge the authorities with regard to speeding in the village of Lt Cressingham and we have improved the situation with radar trapping, new wheelie bin signage and dialogue with Cranswick, whose staff we believe to be the main offenders.

2.     We have continued to challenge BT on the quality of the phone lines to our villages and in particular the broadband speed.

3.     The issue of a particularly noisy exercise carried out by military in the Stanta area was objected to by the Parish Council and a subsequent apology was received.

4.     The Council supported an encroachment complaint that resulted in a Stanta boundary fence on Tottington Road being repositioned to the legal boundary.

5.     The Council has worked with STV to satisfactorily resolve a staff parking issue.

6.     Numerous other smaller issues, as noted in the minutes.


Once again, I extend a vote of thanks to the Clerk for her excellent work running the Parish Council business and accounts – and to Glenna Whay for kindly agree to audit the said accounts.


3 Election of Officers

a)     TA was re-appointed as Chair (TM/JD)

b)     JD was re-appointed as Vice Chair (TL/AH)

c)     JD was re-appointed as Planning Representative(TL/AA)

d)     TL was re-appointed as Environmental Representative (AA/AH)

4 Minutes from the last AGM (21st May 2015)

These were read and approved. SH to file.



5 Matters arising from last AGM

There were none.

6 Financial Update for 2015-2016

a)     Financial Report and Audit for 2015-2016

Copies of the current accounts were circulated. In short £818.53 was received as income, and £898.35 was paid out. The precept requested for this year has fallen by 50% as our ‘reserves’ are too high. By the end of the year we have £2320.42 in the 2 bank accounts. The audit was also presented which has been internally audited by Mrs Whay. All were approved. SH to send off audit for external auditing to Mazars.

  b)     Choice of Charities

The following requests for funding were considered- EACH, Wayland House and Helimedi. However it was agreed that we would continue to support EAAA and Citizen’s Advice Bureau for £25 per annum each.

7 AOB from AGM plus questions/comments from the public on AGM matters

Cllr Frank Sharp gave his update- Consultation is ongoing for the Local Plan; there has been no decision on devolution; a day out programme for dementia sufferers and their carers is being put together; Ashill Recycling Centre will revert back to the previous opening hours commencing in June 2016.

8 Comments from public on current matters


9 Minutes of the previous meeting – 21st January 2016

The typo was corrected. These were agreed and signed as a true copy. SH to file.

10 Matters arising from the last meeting

a)      Clermont Hall Events TA reported that an emails was sent to Mr Rudge who responded and confirmed that the matters raised would be dealt with.

         b)  Speeding-Community Speedwatch response-One resident has come forward to express interest in this, but no others. We are therefore unable to proceed as 5 volunteers are needed. NFA
        c) Website update – now complete NFA
        d) Superfast Broadband – correspondence with both BT and Better Broadband for Norfolk leaves us with little hope that we will ever get decent speeds in the village. NFA
        e) Fly tipping – As FS reported earlier, the flytipping has been really bad and as a result the Ashill Recycling centre opening hours will revert to those previously operated, commencing from June 2016. ALL
11 Correspondence

      a) Queen’s 90th Birthday – It was agreed that no purchases would be made of medals etc.

     b)  NHS Health Check Campaign– read out and noted

     c) Mud on road-Complaint from Mr Cannon (The Arms) – This was reported and some effort was made to clear up, but it remains an ongoing issue.

12 Finance Matters

     a) Financial report since last meeting


1.     £50.00 Threxton Church for use for meetings

2.     £50.00 Little Cressingham Church for use for meetings


1.     £0.29 Interest

Bank Balances as at 31st March 2016:

·        Premium Account – £2220.42

·        Community Account – £100.00

Total: £2320.42

        b) Payment for salary and expenses of Clerk – SH requested approval for payment of salary and expenses for £198.03. Agreed. SH to action. SH
13 Planning applications


14 Current Business

a)     Litter on B1108 – reported and dealt with

b)     Re-seeding of island on Peddars Way outside no 7– AH offered to speak to the resident as their parking is causing vehicles to drive on the grass and causing damage. SH has also reported this to the Parish Rangers for their action.

c)     Verge Nature Reserves – TL gave an update on these and said that the road verge from Hopton Farm to the Arms had been suggested and agreed by Norfolk County Council. However there was no response for volunteers to assist in the work needed. Unable to proceed further.

d)     JD requested the remit of Parish Rangers-SH will send a list and advise by email when they are next due to attend. The sweeping of the path outside the Church is a ‘standing’ item.

15 Any other business


10 Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 28th July 2016 at 7.30pm in All Saint’s Church, Threxton.