Minutes of the Little Cressingham & Threxton Parish Council

Annual Parish Meeting, held at Threxton Church on 21st May 2015

Present: Mr Tony Abel – Chairman (TA)
  Mr John Davies (JD
  Mr Tim Leonard (TL)
  Mr Ashton Austin – (AA)
  Mr Alan Hankin (AH
  Mrs Shirley Hurdle- Clerk (SH)
Apologies: None
Public Present: Mr Chris Hurdle, Mr David Brown, Mrs Beverley Sennett, Mr Trevor Scott.
 Item Actions
1 Apologies for Absence


2 Chairman’s Annual Report 2014-2015 – Mr Tony Abel

“As I said last year, I don’t believe in unnecessary duplication, especially in this day and age. Everything that has happened in the past year has appeared on our notice boards and our website, so I am sure that you will not want me to repeat it tonight!

A very quick recap is:

·         Regular communication with STANTA trying to keep their noise to the level of noise that we have come to accept over many decades and not to allow it to increase.

·         We wrote to all of the Air Bases that use STANTA and ask them to treat our Parishes as noise abatement areas.

·         We have liaised with Better Broadband For Norfolk to try and speed up Fibre Broadband to the village. (more on that later).

·         We wrote to Mr Scott regarding staff parking outside STV on the highway verges.

·         We challenged Watton Medical Practice on the forced move of patients to Swaffham.

·         We sought advice about speed enforcement in the village with the Police.

·         We have dealt with several planning applications, the most significant being The Old Rectory (my own home), Land opposite the Church for Mr Davies and an application to raise the roof of a warehouse from Mr Scott.

·         And carried out various other tasks for the Parishioners and Parishes.

I enjoyed my year as Chairman and I tried to serve you well – but the credit for the smooth running of this little Council must go to the Clerk who, as usual, has managed us very well and I thank her on your behalf for her conscientious work”.

TA welcomed our new District Councillor, Mr Frank Sharpe to the meeting and invited him to address the meeting. He introduced himself as the new Breckland Councillor elected to the Ward of Ashill (which we now form a part of). He has previously served at Swaffham Town Council for 9 years, on now serves on Breckland Planning Committee as Vice Chair – and sits on the Licensing Committee. His background is as an industrial research chemist, and he has worked for the Police in the Medway Towns, and has more recently had a shop in Swaffham. He has now retired. His aim is to help do anything for our Parish that involves working with the District Council. In particular he wanted to update us on news that there is development on Section 106 agreements and there may be an opportunity to claim monies from a central fund. He promised further updates on this matter.

SH was asked to circulate Frank’s details to the Parish Councillors. SH to action.

FS left the meeting at this point.

3 Election of Officers and Declaration of Acceptance of Office

a) The Clerk took control of the meeting for this item.

SH requested nominations for the position of Chairman – Tim Leonard nominated Tony Abel, seconded by John Davies and all agreed.

b) Nominations for Deputy Chairman were requested. John Davies was nominated by Tim Leonard, seconded by Ashton Austin and all agreed.

TA took control of the meeting.

c) The nominated Planning representative is Mr John Davies.

d) The nominated Environmental Representative is Mr Tim Leonard.

e) Following the election, one vacancy remained. Mr Alan Hankin had put himself forward for the original election, but not in time. He was therefore co-opted to the Parish Council , nominated by TA, seconded by JD and all agreed. SH asked Mr Hankin to sign relevant ‘acceptance of office’ papers so that he could take part in the meeting straightaway.

4 Minutes of the Last AGM (24th April 2014)

These were accepted and signed as a true record – SH to file.

5 Matters arising from the last AGM


6 Financial Update for 2014-2015: Audit and Accounts

a) SH presented the accounts for 2014-15 as follows:


Balance as per bank statements at 31st March 2015

·         Business Premium Account £2300.24

·         Community Account £100.00

TOTAL £2400.24


Less any unrepresented cheques £0

Add any unbanked cash at 31st March 2015 £0

Net balances as at 31st March 2014 £2400.24


The net balances reconcile to the Cash Book (receipts and

payments account) for the year as follows:


Opening balance 1st April 2014 £2217.57

Add: receipts in the year £868.49

Less: payments in the year (£685.82)


Closing balance as per cash book (receipts and

payments book) as at 31st March 2015 £2400.24


TA proposed that the accounts be adopted, seconded by JD, and agreed

unanimously. SH to present the internally audited documentation based

on the approved accounts to Mazars by 3rd July 2015.

Glenna Whay was thanked in her absence for auditing the accounts


  b) Choice of Charities for 2015-2016

It was agreed that we would continue to support East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) with £50 per annum and the Watton Citizen’s Advice Bureau with £50 per annum as our chosen charities for this financial year, as they were of benefit locally for the village. SH to arrange.

7 AOB from last AGM plus comments from public on AGM matters

Mr Hurdle wanted to update the meeting on the cost of Village signs

which were discussed at the last AGM and passed to the Village Trust to

consider. Sadly, they were deemed too expensive at £1800 each x 3 for

Little Cressingham, Threxton and the Arms, and were declined. A

possible joint venture with the S106 money that Mr Sharpe commented

on could be sought. SH to investigate.