Minutes of the Little Cressingham & Threxton Parish Council

Parish Council Meeting, held at Threxton Church on 21st May 2015

Present: Mr Tony Abel – Chairman (TA)
Mr John Davies (JD
Mr Tim Leonard (TL)
Mr Ashton Austin – (AA)
Mr Alan Hankin (AH
Mrs Shirley Hurdle- Clerk (SH)
Apologies: None
Public Present: Mr Chris Hurdle, Mr David Brown, Mrs Beverley Sennett, Mr Trevor Scott.
 Item Actions
8 Public Question Time

Mrs Sennett commented on the dog fouling and litter near her property at Threxton, where walkers regularly exercised their dogs. This has been discussed as an issue previously in the villages, and the cost of buying and emptying dog bins was investigated last year, but was prohibitive. signs were placed on notice boards. A suggestion of signs at the site was not welcomed, as it is felt that people ignore them anyway. It was agreed that no further action would be taken.

9 Minutes of the last meeting – 22nd  January 2015

These were agreed and signed as a true copy. SH to file..

10 Matters arising from the last meeting

One matter was raised regarding the status of the illegally erected fence on the Tottington Road by the MOD. NCC reported that they “have received the information and the fence line is within the public highway. I am now looking to contact the MOD and request that their fence be moved back to the highway boundary. I will look to get this completed as soon as possible”. However no further update has been received. SH to chase Highways for news.

  JD requested whether any news had been received on the Light Pollution Survey. SH reported that a copy of the report had been received, and that she had sent an email round in March asking if anyone wanted to see it. TL replied and has a copy-he gave brief details of the content. JD decided he did not need one.  
  JD wanted it noted that a number of trees in School Road were now numbered and were expected to be felled or pruned by the MOD. He contacted Mr Piers Chantry about it. No further action needed.  
  Website update –SH reported that Mr David Smith had agreed to adapt

and upgrade this further for us at a very reasonable price of £150. SH will

update Councillors on progress.

11 11. Correspondence

a) Sewage spillage – Mr Williams has reported that he is still suffering

from problems with sewerage seeping into his garden from the

neighbouring property in Threxton. SH to follow up whether any action

has been taken.

  b) Open Space and Play Activities- TA read out an email from Breckland

Council, that had previously been circulated. However as we have no

such provision, no further action is needed.

12 12. Finances

a) Financial report since last meeting


Expenditure – Nil


1.    Precept £375.00

2.    Grant £33.63

Total – £408.63


Bank balances as at 31.04.15

·         Premium Account – £2708.87

·         Community Account – £100.00

TOTAL £2808.87

  b) SH requested payment for salary and expenses up to 31.3.15. All agreed, and TA signed. Cheque to be raised by SH. SH
  c) New signatory on cheques – As the new Deputy Chairman, JD will be the second signatory on cheques. SH to action. SH
13 13. Planning Applications


14 14. Current business

A request for Parish Rangers jobs was received- the verge needs to be

cut back where School Road meets the B1108. Action now complete.

15 15. AOB

TL raised the issue of planning applications and the current status. SH reported that a complaint from a resident had been received regarding the building at Village Farm, the STV site. The original application was to raise the roof of the existing building, but this building has since been demolished. This was reported to Capita for investigation by the Planning Enforcement Team. Mr Scott was asked to comment, and stated that he did not think it had any impact on the village and that the planning dept. at Breckland Council knew he was going to take this route. Further discussion took place, particularly on the principle that Mr Scott should apply for planning permission for what he was actually going to do. TA stated that it would be left to Capita to manage this issue. SH to monitor situation and report back to the Parish Cllrs.

  AA raised the matter of the ridiculous new road layout outside Bennett Homes in Watton, which though it is well outside our Parish boundary, as regular users of this part of the highway, concerns should be passed on. SH to raise with NCC Highways department. SH
  TA noted that Superfast Broadband had been laid to the Village, but was being paid for privately by STV Ltd, and was to be exclusive for their use. Mr Scott was invited to comment and informed the meeting that he had investigated whether BT would lay the line for the village to share, but they said they would not. Mr Hurdle was asked if this was something the Village Trust might be able to fund? SH and TA to investigate and pass on details to Mr Hurdle for consideration. SH/TA
16 16. Next meeting dates

The location of meetings was discussed and it was agreed that in future,

2 meetings per year would be held in Threxton Church, and 2 per year in

Little Cressingham Church. SH to arrange.

  The next meeting will be held on Thursday 23rd July 2015 at 7.30pm in All

Saint’s Church, Threxton.