Minutes of the Little Cressingham & Threxton Parish Council

Parish Council Meeting, held at Threxton Church on 19th January 2017

Present: Mr Martin Kay (MK)
  Mr Ashton Austin – (AA)
  Mr Tim Leonard (TL)
  Mr Alan Hankin (AH
  Mrs Shirley Hurdle- Clerk (SH)
  Apologies:   Mr Tony Abel (holiday), Mr Frank Sharpe, Breckland Council (unwell)
  Public Present: Mr David Brown, Mr R Sennett. Mrs B Sennett.
Item Subject  
1 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Mr Tony Abel (holiday) and Mr Frank Sharpe, Breckland Council (unwell). Mr Tim Leonard chaired the meeting in the absence of Mr Abel.



















Public Question Time

No matters were raised


Ms Jean Williams – The Happy Project

Ms Williams gave an overview of the Happy Project which comes under the Wayland Partnership and wims to bring together lonely and isolated people in rural areas. Current groups are a Games Group meeting on Friday afternoons in Watton Library and an Arts and Craft Group which will start in Ashill on 11th Febraury. Anyone interested in coming along should contact Jean on 01953 880235 or 07856 876920. SH will also send details of the Editor of Quarto magazine to Ms Williams so that an article can be included, and will update the village website with details too.


Minutes of the previous meeting – 27th October 2016

These were agreed but one amendment was needed, as Mr and Mrs Sennett’s home is in Threxton, not the Arms. SH to amend for TL to sign.

4. Matters arising from the last meeting  
  a)     Further correspondence has been received from Mr Sennett about the Calerica Hounds at the Bennetts property in Threxton.  Mr Sharpe has been in touch with them directly too but they would like some more information on what is being done. MK suggested we also write to the Licencing Committee who have not responded to letters from Mr and Mrs Sennett to ask for action and support their case. SH to action

b)     Broadband project

TL gave an update on the work he has done, and established that it would be possible to get some funding for the villages but we would also need to find some and therefore need to have a commitment from residents that this is what they want to do. MK suggested we get BT to do the costing and then discuss it further at the next meeting.TL to ask BT to do costing.

c)     AA confirmed that the hedge cutting needed to be done by Mr Lake had been actioned. NFA



































None to discuss


Financial report since last meeting

a)     SH gave the following update




£137.50 Zurich Annual Insurance premium

£30.00 Mazars Audit fee



£0.30 Interest


Bank balances as at 31.12.16


Premium Account – £2259.79

Community Account – £70.00


TOTAL £2329.79

b)     Changes to Bank statements – Barclays intend to only issue paper copies by request. It was proposed by AA and seconded by AH, agreed by all that we would continue to ask for paper copies. SH to action.

c)     Changes to Barclays Terms and conditions – the relevant sections were read out. All noted. NFA.

Planning applications



Current business




a)     AH asked if we can find out details of the new tower on the Threxton Industrial Estate that came through on planning permissions for approval, as there did not seem to be any improvement in service for mobile phones. SH to investigate if it has gone ahead.

b)     TL reported that Mr Abel had recently encountered problems with getting the community grit bin replenished – a positive response has been received from Mr Monson. SH to monitor progress.

c)     MK reported that there is a very bright outside light on the property rented by SafeHouses. They have spoken to them and they promised to put it on a timer, but this does not always happen. SH to contact Safe Houses and the landlord, Mr Abel.

10. Dates of next meeting and AGM

The date of the next meeting will be :


Thursday 20th April 2017 at Little Cressingham (AGM) – ALL to note