Minutes of the Little Cressingham & Threxton Parish Council

Parish Council Meeting, held at Little Cressingham Church on 23rd October 2015

Present: Mr Tony Abel – Chairman (TA)
  Mr John Davies (JD
  Mr Tim Leonard (TL)
  Mr Alan Hankin (AH
  Mrs Shirley Hurdle- Clerk (SH)
Apologies: Mr Ashton Austin – (AA)
Breckland Council representative – Cllr Frank Sharpe (FS) Public Present: Mr David Brown, Mr Martin Mann, Mrs Margaret Austin, Mrs Diana Davies, Mr Mike Gouldstone, Mrs Marion Gouldstone, Mr Trevor Scott, Mr Sam Scott.
1 Apologies for Absence


2 Public Question Time

Mr Mann raised the issue of speeding through the village – he estimates that despite the 30mph signs, cars are getting up to 50-60mph. He suggested that the priority at the crossroads be changed, so that cars coming down the hill from the B1108 would have to slow down and stop.

In addition, it was suggested that as the main culprits appear to be Cranswick Foods employees, they should be approached to ask for their help. The registration numbers could be collected of those responsible. Cllr Sharpe reported that there was a new Highways Officer who could be approached for help and advice on the matter (david.jacklin@norfolk.gov.uk). A new fund for tackling speeding issues is also available via Breckland Council.

In addition, it appears that Great Cressingham also suffers from the same problem, so an approach could be made to collaborate. SH to write in the first instance to the new Highways Officer, and contact the Clerk at Great Cressingham with a view to a joint approach to Cranswick Foods.

  Mrs Davies requested that the vegetation at verges at junctions be cut back further as it is not possible to see the main road where it joins School Road. In addition, the verges need to be cut back a little from the road so walkers have a place of refuge. SH to raise in the Highways letter SH
  Mr Brown reported that the 2 properties at 6 and 7 Peddars Way were leaving cars in the front garden, and were making the village look untidy. Number 7 is a private dwelling, and number 6 is rented and due to change its residents soon anyway. AH offered to go and speak to the owner of number 7 informally in the first instance AH
3 Minutes of the previous meeting – 21st May 2015

These were agreed and signed as a true copy. SH to file

4 Matters arising from the last meeting

a) Village Signs Update – SH investigated the possibility of using the Section 106 money from Breckland Council to fund these, given that they had been turned down by the Village Trust, but this money was only available for use for playgrounds. No further action is possible.

  b) Fence on Tottington Road – has now been rectified. No further action.  
  c) Website update –SH reported that Mr David Smith had confirmed that he would have the revised website up and running by the end of July. SH to monitor. SH
  d) The concerns from the Parish regarding the new road layout at Bennetts Homes in Watton were reported to Highways who reported back that it has been built as per the plan with some lighting columns to be moved. They have said it will become more functional once the estate is opened. No further action  
  e) Superfast Broadband – despite calls to BT from both the Clerk and the Chairman, a definitive answer for how much it would cost the village to have Superfast broadband cannot be ascertained. It was suggested a letter to Gavin Patterson, Chief Executive of BT may be the next move. FS suggested we copy in Elizabeth Truss who is championing this issue for the area. SH to action. SH
5 Correspondence


6 Finances

a) Financial report since last meeting


1.     £100.00 East Anglia Air Ambulance

2.     £182.16 Clerk’s salary & expenses


1.     £0.34 Interest

Bank Balances as at 30th June 2015:

·        Premium Account – £2609.21

·        Community Account – £100.00

Total: £2709.21

  b) SH requested approval for payment for the uncontested election, £75 due to Breckland Council.  All agreed, and TA signed. Cheque to be raised by SH. SH
  c) SH advised the Council that with effect from 23rd September 2015, the interest rate on our bank account would reduce from 1.0% to 0.8%  
7 Planning applications

The complaint regarding the planning application at STV was discussed. SH read a memo from the Planning Enforcement Manager, Mr Chris Curtis, who stated that:

“the building appears to be constructed in accordance with the approved plans. The works are subject of a Building Regulations application and I understand that this has yet to be signed off. One of my colleagues has a further site meeting this Thursday, after which I will be able to give you a full update”.

 FS expressed disappointment that he had not been advised of the site meeting. SH to monitor and report on the update.

8 Current Business

FS gave the meeting an update. There are many changes to the structure at the Council, to keep costs down, particularly in planning. A new ‘electrical goods’ pick up service is being trialled-proceeds going to charity. New signs for Dog Fouling are available from FS if needed. Breckland Council have published lots of activities for 5-11 year olds (see notice board).

9 Any other business

AH thanked SH for her work in contacting the Environment Agency and the success in getting the River Wissey cleared up where it goes under the Peddars Way.

TL requested some small expenditure for the village library for some book ends. All agreed.

10 Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 29th October 2015 at 7.30pm in St Andrew’s Church, Little Cressingham.