Minutes of the Little Cressingham & Threxton Parish Council

Parish Council Meeting, held at Threxton Church on 28th July 2016

Present: Mr Tony Abel – Chairman (TA)
  Mr Ashton Austin – (AA)
  Mr Tim Leonard (TL)
  Mr Alan Hankin (AH
  Mrs Shirley Hurdle- Clerk (SH)
Apologies: Mr John Davies
Breckland Council representative – Cllr Frank Sharpe (FS) Public Present: Mr David Brown, Mr Sam Scott, Mr Trevor Scott, Mr Paul Hickman, Mrs Lynne Hickman.
Item Subject Actions
1 Apologies for Absence TA reported the absence of Mr Davies’ absence this evening and advised the Parish Council that due to poor health, he has resigned from the Parish Council. The Council thanked him for his loyal long and valued service, and wished him well. SH to advise the appropriate authority and begin the process for finding a replacement Councillor. One person has requested to join the Council. Anyone else interested should contact the Clerk. SH
2 Public Question Time No questions were raised.  
3 Minutes of the previous meeting – 28th April 2016 These were agreed and signed as a true copy. SH to file. SH
4 Matters arising from the last meeting None SH
5 Correspondence SH reported that Katie Powell from the Arms had made a request for a trod to be made under the Parish Partnership Scheme between the villages and Watton. Concerns were raised that it may not be viable on the basis of costs as the total fund available for all communities is £300,000 and matched funding must be achieved. It was felt that it may not be adequatelyused, a key criteria for the success of any application. It was agreed that Mrs Powell will be asked to seek indicative quotations for the Project in order to help the Council establish viability. SH to action. SH
6 Finances a)Financial report since last meeting  Expenditure                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              1.         £198.03 Parish Clerk Salary and expenses (6 months to April 2016)   Income 1.         £0.30 Interest   Bank balances as at 30.6.16   Premium Account – £2422.19 Community Account – £100.00                           TOTAL £2522.19                        
7 Planning applications a)     Flexo, Threxton Industrial Estate, Watton. The application for Flexo for an extension to its pallet store was considered by Mr Davies prior to the meeting and the Council had supported the application. b)     Office Extension at Village Farm (3PL/2016/0843/F. The application for an extension to include a rest room and shower/toilet facilities has been made to Breckland Council. Mr Hickman (who lives adjacent to the site) objected on the basis of light, increased noise, the size of the facility and that the proposal was ‘unneighbourly’. The applicant Mr Scott commented that he was aware of the objections and had tried to make it a nice building which would tidy the site. The Parish Council discussed the application and agreed by a 3 to 1 majority to support the application with a request to Breckland Council that the use of the building be limited to avoid evening and weekend use. Further that the building be of appropriate brick and pantile construction and that the boundary wall is finished prior to occupation. SH to action.                             SH
8 Current Business None  
9 Any other business TL reported that some communities had been taking the issue of poor Broadband connection into their own hands and under self-help schemes, had been installing it themselves. He offered to get further details and will report back at the next meeting.    TL
  Cllr Frank Sharpe updated the meeting on Breckland Council issues including the Local Plan which is to be reproduced following concerns about data integrity, and devolution where concerns had been raised on both costs and longevity. He informed us that following funding for Broadband, NCC had been asked to provide details of where the money had been spent which is still awaited.  
10 Date of next meeting The date of the next meeting will be Thursday 27th October at Little Cressingham starting at 7.30pm. ALL to note