Minutes of the Little Cressingham & Threxton Parish Council

Annual Parish Meeting, held at Little Cressingham Church on 20th April 2017

MINUTES OF THE LITTLE CRESSINGHAM & THREXTON ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING AND PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held at Little Cressingham Church – 20th APRIL 2017 Present: Mr Tony Abel – Chairman (TA) Mr Martin Kay(MK) Mr Tim Leonard (TL) Mr Alan Hankin (AH) Mr Ashton Austin (AA) Mrs Shirley Hurdle – Clerk (SH) Breckland Council representative – Cllr Frank Sharpe (FS) Public Present: Mr David Brown, Mrs Beverly Sennett, Mr Carlton Long.

Apologies for Absence

PART A – Annual General Meeting

Chairman’s Report for 2016-17 Mr Tony Abel
TA had not prepared a specific report but referred residents to the Parish Website where they can see a record of all business done in the last year.

Election of Officers
a) TA was re-appointed as Chair (TL/AA)
b) TL was re-appointed as Vice Chair (MK/AA)
c) MK was re-appointed as Planning Representative(TA/TL)
d) It was agreed that no Environmental Representative needed to be appointed.
e) Mr Alan Hankin has resigned as Parish Councillor but is happy to stay on until a replacement is found.
Mrs S Hurdle confirmed her resignation already tendered, due to take effect from 1.5.2017.
TA thanked everyone for their vote of confidence in him to remain as Chair.
Minutes from the last AGM (28th April 2016)
These were read and approved. SH to file.


Matters arising from last AGM
It was agreed that the re-opening of the Ashill recycling centre to the original pattern was welcome.

Financial Update for 2016-2017
a) Financial Report up to 28th February 2017
SH gave a summary of the accounts for the year – In summary they were:
Total balance brought forward as at 1.4.2016 £2320.42
Add: receipts in the year £424.90
Less: payments in the year (£705.27)
Closing balance as per cash book (receipts and
payments book) as at 28th February 2017 £2040.05

Balance as per bank statements at 28th February 2017:
Business Premium Account £1940.05
Community Account £100.00 TOTAL £2040.05
SH will complete the audit prior to her final date of service.

b) Choice of Charities
The following requests for funding were considered – EAAA, CAB, NARS, Norfolk Age UK, Norfolk Family Mediation. It was agreed that we would support EAAA and NARS for £25 per annum each. SH to notify charities.
Mrs Sennett queried the authority of the Parish Council to choose charities for donations – TA confirmed that this is permissible and lawful (sections 137).
AOB from AGM plus questions/comments from the public on AGM matters
TA welcomed FS to the meeting. He gave his update- Breckland Council have announced programme of work to address unsightly land, which they will try to get cleared up. The criteria is that the unsightliness must be affecting the public, plus the reasons and these should be reported along with the location and owner of the site. Finalisation of the draft Local Plan is imminent, with consultation meetings being held at Attleborough and Dereham. Grants for Community Get Togethers have been agreed up to £200 per project. These should be held on 17-18 June in memory of Jo Cox, MP. It can be parties, BBQ’s or more innovative ideas such as ‘bake offs’. Correspondence received by the Clerk on the grants has since been circulated.
Mr Long raised the matter of litter in the village. We recently held a litter pack which was organised by Cllr Martin Kay, who was thanked for doing so. The main area of concern is that on the land adjoining the B1108, the Peddars Way and the land belonging to Cllr Ashton Austin, at a lay-by used by HGV’s as a rest stop. AA agreed to think about the matter and come up with a suitable resolution. AA


Comments from public on current matters

Minutes of the previous meeting – 19th January 2017
These were agreed and signed as a true copy. SH to file.
Matters Arising from the last minutes
a) Mr and Mrs Sennett – complaint about Calerica Hounds next door to their property. Mrs Sennett reported that the situation remained the same and there had been no improvement. Regrettably, it was agreed that the Parish Council had done all it could in attempting to get action and to support Mr and Mrs Sennett on the matter, but in now lies in the hands of the Environmental officer at Breckland Council, Mrs Ruth Ellerby. NFA
b) Broadband Project Progress – TL reported no further progress as changes are taking place within BT on organisational structure. He will report back at the next meeting. TL
c) Community Grit Bin – Has now been filled ready for the winter NFA

The memo from Mr Long had been covered in item 7

Finance Matters – Update since the last meeting
1. £50.00 Little Cressingham Church for 2 meetings
2. £50.00 Threxton Church for 2 meetings
1. Nil
Bank balances as at 28.02.2017
Premium Account – £1940.05
Community Account – £100.00 TOTAL £2040.05

Planning Matters – None

Current business – None

AOB – TA and all Councillors thanked SH for the hard work she has done over the last 10 years and presented her with a gift. SH thanked all.

Date and Time of Next meeting – Thurs 20 July 2017 at 7.30pm, Threxton Church.