On leaving university I qualified as a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and worked in the oil and gas industry for several years. In 1994 I left the industry to do something more hands on, more creative , more in my control, so I followed in a family tradition and trained in custom made furniture design and making at the School for Craftsmen in Wood, Parnham College. After graduating I set up my own business at the workshop in Acton where I undertake commissions for private clients and make speculative pieces for sale at exhibitions or galleries. I have been in business twenty years and have built up a reputation for producing high quality custom furniture and now have a long list of satisfied customers. I have exhibited widely and my efforts have been rewarded by the presentation of three Guildmarks from the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers.

Right from the beginning of my association with wood the process of being able to transform by hand a natural material into a finely made and polished piece of furniture struck me as wonderful. I love the surprise of working the outer layers of the wood to reveal the richly figured material beneath. The challenge over the years has been how to best work the rough material into beautiful furniture, in the process translating my inner vision to outer reality. The reward has been a huge sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

I work quite methodically employing both traditional and innovative techniques and modern technology, whatever is appropriate to achieve the best result. I like my work to be based on simplicity of form and proportion in a contemporary way, visually I try to produce more with less.  I like the results to be inviting to touch and feel.

I have completed a wide variety of projects including bespoke garden furniture, bespoke chairs all manner of bespoke tables, cabinets, beds, bespoke oak furniture, fully fitted work room schemes and bespoke joinery. I like variety in my work and am open to undertaking different projects, but the way I approach them is always the same, with care ,integrity and an eye for detail.


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