The advantage of engaging a bespoke furniture designer and maker in the production of dining room furniture means that proper consideration will be given to all the design and ergonomic parameters, thereby ensuring high standards of comfort and useability. For example when considering the design of bespoke dining tables it is important to consider the correct table size and perimeter length for the number of seating places required. I always pay particular attention to the design and positioning of the under structure to ensure minimum interference with leg space. This is particularly the case with extending bespoke dining tables where seating positions alter relative to the supporting structure depending on the configuration of the table. Table top height is important to consider relative to the proposed chair height, too low there will be restriction of legroom under the table rail, too high will result in an uncomfortable eating position.

I have been commissioned to make many handmade dining tables over the years ranging from more tradition furniture such as solid oak, ten to twelve seat refectory type tables, a solid oak elliptical

committee room table, to a solid oak ten seat dining table extending to fourteen seats. In a more contemporary theme I have made a solid English walnut handmade wooden dining table to seat up to twenty people but which is designed in four elements. Two mirror image circular tables, each seating up to eight, connected by two interlocking console tables which can be secured against a side wall when not required.

Designing and making seating, dining chairs and occasional chairs in small volumes probably represents the bespoke furniture makers’ biggest, and usually most interesting challenge. The ergonomics of seating are involved and of course have a direct effect on comfort. In order to ensure that a new chair design will be comfortable it will normally be necessary to produce a ‘sitable’ prototype to which small modifications can be made before the design can be finalised. Due to the involved design process and relative complexity of manufacture the cost per chair for small bespoke volumes may be high, but in the long run definitely worth it in my opinion.

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