The rise in the necessity of working from home has lead to an increase in demand for bespoke home office furniture. The home office is an area where you may be spending a large amount of time, where focus on work and productivity will be important, so well designed and crafted bespoke home office furniture should pay dividends in terms of comfort and increased productivity.

Generally no two customer requirements are the same so every space requires an individual approach in terms of layout, materials and facilities. Home offices are a combination of working surfaces, shelving, storage, filing cabinets, and elements to contain all the computer and digital related hardware now commonplace in offices. In addition the scheme may include free standing elements such as bespoke bookcases, chests of drawers, desks and cabinets.

Some of the home office desks I have been commissioned to design and make are shown in the gallery. Some are small, simple writing desks whilst others are much larger and contain drawers and cupboards for storage files and computer equipment. All have been individually designed for specific spaces and for specific requirements.

The fitted home offices I have completed include a complete scheme in solid walnut fitted into the gable end of an office and comprises drawers, filing cabinets, desk top with removable centre section, custom shelves and an extra table fitted underneath the desk top which can be withdrawn and used for extra work space. The scheme is designed to provide the maximum amount of storage and shelving in a relatively small area of the room.

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