I sell all of my bespoke furniture directly to the customer rather than through retail. All the work is designed more or less as a one off, handmade and therefore the process is labour intensive. Application of retail mark up would mean most furniture I make would be significantly more expensive. However the benefit for you the customer is that all the money paid goes directly into producing the work rather than paying a retail mark up. Most customers come directly to me via word of mouth, via the website, or through the occasional show where I introduce myself personally.

Once you have expressed an interest in my work and if you have a specific project in mind then I will set up an initial meeting to discuss the brief for the project. The meeting would normally take place in the interior in which the piece will reside so that I can form an idea of how the piece will relate to the whole interior. The conversation may revolve around other furniture you like, pieces in the portfolio or even other unrelated products you admire. In this way I hope to get an idea about the look and feel of the piece along with a functional specification.

In the design stage I turn the brief into a basic concept and work on it iteratively using sketches, computer models, mock ups, material samples and whatever is necessary to get to a finished design. During this process I try to keep in mind the fulfilling of the brief,

making the piece fit for purpose, the budget, enhancing the setting, durability and ease of use, using materials responsibly and appropriately and last but not least, aesthetic beauty. When the drawings have been completed, materials selected, and the design agreed I will ask you to pay one half as a deposit. At this point I will provide a manufacturing and delivery schedule, and materials will be specified and ordered.

The manufacturing stage is where I can bring to bear my twenty four years worth of skills and experience on the timber and other materials. To be able to design and manufacture in my own workshop is a privilege and ensures that the exact design intention is carried out by the maker in terms of detailing , the way the timber is selected, cut and shaped, with an eye for structural integrity, quality and aesthetic use of grain. Once the project is commenced in the workshop I see it through, I provide updates on progress, you can visit the workshop if you wish.

After the bespoke furniture is complete I will deliver to your residence personally. It is not until the piece is assembled and in place that both you and I can see the full effect of all the effort.

When you are satisfied with the work I will ask for the outstanding balance.

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