Himalayan Human Adventures Pvt. Ltd.

The Himalaya, the abode of snows’ has captured the dream, desires and imagination of many adventurers, explorers since time immemorial. Human adventure encourages the human spirit to conquer the mighty Himalayas that cover Nepal, Tibet, India, Bhutan in the north and east to as far as Afghanistan in the west in Asia. It is the chain of the highest and youngest mountains on earth, encompassing a region of deep religious and cultural traditions and an amazing diversity of people. Nowhere is this diversity more apparent and the culture more varied and complex than in Nepal.
In the second half of the 19th century many European adventurers attracted towards Nepal and discovered eight out of fourteen highest peaks of the world above 8000 m lay within the forbidden and isolated erst-while kingdom of Nepal. An Englishman named W.W Graham made a mountaineering visit to Nepal in 1883 & reached the top of a 6000 m peak. He was followed by another Englishman, Tom Long Staff who climbed 7215 m peak in 1907.
Only in 1953 an exploratory British expedition team led by John Hunt reaffirmed the human superiority over Mt. Everest through the adventurous efforts of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa.
Himalayan Human Adventure (P.) Ltd, an adventure travel company offering its expertise in organizing and guiding adventure travel trips such as trekking, peak climbing, mountain expedition, culture and pilgrimage tour, jungle safari, white water rafting and many other adventurous activities in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Darjeeling and Sikkim (India).
Gunja Bahadur Khatri have owned and managed the company in association with other adventure travel professionals and innovative staff to offer the value-based service with a real passion in promoting adventure tourism in the Himalayan region of South Asia. Its main office is located in central Kathmandu and has already been recognized in a short span of time as one of the best and the most reliable amongst the other adventure travel companies in Nepal.

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