New Product Launch – it’s second to naan!

Following a soft launch, with the addition of our new chutney to the website about a month ago, we are now ready to release this spicy mango chutney on the world. When we sell our products direct to customers at fairs and markets we are often asked “Do you have any mango chutney?” Until now the answer has had to be “No, sorry.” But not anymore! Even though we hadn’t launched this line officially, it has already become one of our best sellers in just the short time we have had this available – testament to the popularity of this preserve.

Mango chutney has been served as a side dish throughout South-Asia for millennia, although the exact origin is unclear. It was developed, as all preserves, to preserve the fruit as mangoes have a very short season. Recipes vary from family to family, but it has become a chutney that is now enjoyed the world over.

There’s mango chutney and there’s mango chutney. If you like something with a bit more of a kick to partner your curry, then this is the one for you. The addition of chillies and other spices means this chutney has a pleasant heat to it, while not overpowering the delicious mango flavour.

If, like us, you enjoy dipping a popadom or two into a pot of sweet mango then we hope you will buy, enjoy and tell us what you think. We look forward to receiving your reviews on the product listing on the website, on any of our social media channels, or anywhere else for that matter! We even have people who go “old school” and send us a letter. So whatever your preference, we’d love to hear from you.