Surrey Downs Runny Honey 227g


This is a lovely runny honey with a floral flavour. The honey comes from hives around Ewell and Banstead in Surrey.


This is a lovely runny honey from hives around Banstead and Ewell. It is extracted straight from the hive, filtered to remove any bits of wax and then put into a jar. It is not heat treated or pasteurised, so could be called a raw honey.

Granulated (set) honey

All pure honey will naturally start to crystallise and granulate over time and this is a sign of the quality of the honey. Some will set quicker than others, for example if the bees have been foraging on rape flowers. Granulated (set) honey can be returned to its liquid state by gently heating the jar in warm water after loosening the lid, but it is important not to overheat or boil the water. Alternatively it could be put in the microwave for 10 seconds after removing the lid or placed in a warm location for 24 hours. The temperature should not exceed 45°C.

Honey normally has a best before date two years from the date it was drawn from the hive and will be fine kept in a cupboard, larder or other cool, dark, dry place for many months; once opened it should not be refrigerated as this will cause granulation.


Allergy Information

Gluten Free Vegans Lactose Free Allergens


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